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Our Vision

Dataticks is a transformational process and data management company with a vision to provide quality services to clients across various industrial verticals and sizes. The company’s strategic approach involves creating an interrelated ecosystem of services that work cohesively to deliver value and innovation to both customers and stakeholders. It highlights the different components of the Dataticks ecosystem and how they synergize to form a robust and sustainable business model.

Our History

At Dataticks, we believe that success lies in the seamless integration of processes, data, and innovation. Our journey began with a vision to redefine process-centric developments through automation, engineering, flow mapping, and systems analysis. With an experienced management team, we have created a custom framework that ensures top-notch quality services to our esteemed clients.

As a forward-thinking company, we are not just confined to our internal ecosystem. We have extended our reach to the MSME community, understanding their challenges, and addressing their pain points. Our unique MSME consulting ecosystem leverages the potential of MBA interns from reputable institutions, who, under our guidance, form business consulting teams to offer innovative solutions to our MSME partners.

Additionally, we are proud to publish the SEDIS (Socio-Economic Data Experiments and Business Dynamics) international journal. This open-access platform highlights case studies, conceptual reviews, and academic insights related to MSMEs and data experiments, fostering knowledge sharing and driving growth.

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Data Ticks Roadmap

Explanation Process-Centric Developments: Focus on process automation, engineering, flow mapping, systems analysis, and design. Develop custom frameworks for internal setup and quality services to clients. Experienced management team for quality …

Dataticks Services in Detail

Process-Centric Developments: Dataticks places a strong emphasis on process-centric developments, which includes process automation, engineering, flow mapping, systems analysis, and design. By investing in these areas, the company streamlines its …

Market Research and Industry Dynamics

Dependo is committed to empowering stakeholders with valuable market insights and industry research. Through its extensive network and partnerships, Dependo collaborates with industry experts and research professionals to gather relevant …